Judas Priest, RATM, New York Dolls fail to make top five 2022 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction fan vote

Posted by on May 2, 2022


In the 2022 induction of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fan vote, the voting has come to a close for the seventeen nominees. Unfortunately, the heavier and legendary acts Judas Priest, Rage Against The Machine, and New York Dolls didn’t make it to the top five. Despite initially wanting to be taken out of the voting pool, Dolly Parton came out in fifth place, with Eurythmics in fourth, Pat Benatar in third, Eminem scored the second, and Duran Duran had the most votes. Judas Priest is at number six, Rage Against The Machine are down at number eleven, and New York Dolls came in at number fourteen. The fan ballot doesn’t guarantee induction. However, the five artists with the most votes will comprise a “fan ballot” tallied with the other votes when the 2022 in ductees are officially announced later this month.


Check out the fan votes below:

Duran Duran: 934,880

Eminem: 684,237 votes

Pat Benatar: 631,299 votes

Eurythmics: 442,271 votes

Dolly Parton: 393,796 votes

Judas Priest: 365,999 votes

Carly Simon: 335,489 votes

Lionel Richie: 302,877 votes

DEVO: 224,723 votes

Kate Bush: 207,563 votes

Rage Against The Machine: 190,063 votes

Dionne Warwick: 186,038 votes

A Tribe Called Quest: 145,287 votes

New York Dolls: 120,958 votes

Beck: 99,771 votes

MC5: 93,666 votes

Fela Kuti: 69,656 votes


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