The game Elex II is arriving soon on PC, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The game will feature a song by KoRn’s Jonathan Davis. The frontman has written and recorded “Elex” Elex II is the sequel to Elex which is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy video game with huge environments and multiple ways to play. Davis has a love hate relationship with games stating:

“I love playing kids games. I did play Fortnite here and there, but I’m not into the battle royale shit, I’m into the storyline. I’m really into the LEGO games, I just started ‘Red Dead Redemption II’. Anything where I’m not having my ass handed to me by an eight-year-old kid! It’s insane how these kids talk during multiplay. I fear for the future, bro.”


Look foe Elex II to his stores very soon!