Israel held first beachfront gathering in Tel Aviv since COVID-19 outbreak

Posted by on May 22, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic is a time of confusion as there are different rules and guidelines taking place in all parts of the globe. One area could be months away from seeing a live event happen, and others, such as Arkansas, are ready to experiment with social distancing concerts. As festivals and major tours are getting postponed or cancelled throughout the states, there have also been several predictions on what shows could look like and when tours will pick back up. As the world remains living in a time of uncertainty, The Times of Israel has reported a social distancing event that took place last night (21st) to support starving artists, which was reportedly approved by the police. However, out of the roughly 5,000 (Billboard reports more like 3,000) attendees, many didn’t follow the social distancing regulations. This event is one of the largest gatherings reported since the COVID-19 outbreak.      

The event was more of an impromptu for musicians who have been struggling during this time of lockdown. Despite receiving new COVID-19 cases, and a fear of a second wave hitting in Tel Aviv and its surrounding locations, the packed concert was held at Charles Clore Park and featured a number of Israel known acts, including, Aviv Gefen, Berry Sakharoff, and Ehud Banai. You may wonder how an event like this took place in the middle of a global health crisis? It was put on with a police permit, which went along with COVID-19 social distancing and hygiene regulations. However, as you can see in the images below, not too many people followed these requirements. This of course, makes us wonder how events will safely continue if the majority doesn’t seem to be following safety guidelines.    

Like the United States, Israel has been slowly reopening with restrictions, including a ban on large gatherings. With warm weather, reopenings, and a decline of cases has been giving many a false sense of security, which inevitably can lead to concerts, mass protests, and avoiding social distancing altogether. The one thing we’ve learned about this virus is, you cannot predict it. According to The Times of Israel, while people are preparing for a possible second outbreak, there have been a number of cases in Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Rishon Lezion, and other areas linked to reopened schools and daycares resulting in recently sending a number of people into quarantine. 

It can take up to two weeks before someone contracts the virus. Therefore, during risks like these, it’s best to track the number of reported cases on a daily basis. Seeing a mass number of concertgoers not following social distancing guidelines can create a bigger question mark for us on what shows will look like in the future. And more importantly, when will it be safe to fully kick-off?



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