Is Scott Stapp joining Stone Temple Pilots?

Posted by on May 2, 2016

scottstapphqStone Temple Pilots have been on auto-pilot (derp) since last year, when Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington left the band in November. And while they’re more in the public spotlight these days due to the sad death of former frontman Scott Weiland, they haven’t named a new vocalist yet. Given that they’re a legacy band with a catalog full of hits that hasn’t put out a full-length album since 2010, you’d think they want to name a new vocalist to carry on the band’s legacy. According to an on-air interview on WNNX/Atlanta’s Bailey and Southside show, they might have found that person in Creed’s Scott Stapp. When asked what he was up to, Stapp said:

“[I’ve] been working on a new album with a new group of guys — guys from some pretty well-known rock bands that you guys will know. I can’t really share the details about it, but there’s a lot of good things going on, man, and I’m excited about it.”

He continued:

“I can’t tell you ’till later in June, man. [That’s when] we’ll be making the announcement.” He did, however, offer the following hint about his new bandmates’ identities: “This other band that I’m jamming with is its own band with its own band name.”

The hosts bluntly asked if STP was the band, and Stapp replied:

“I can’t say, man, I can’t say. I can’t confirm or deny. [But] I will tell you this: there is a six-degree-separation connection between this new project and the band you mentioned.”

Maybe it shouldn’t be taken at face value, but the radio show was also the first to suggest that Axl Rose might front AC/DC, so they could be two for two if this works out. While some people might lump in STP and Creed as two inauthentic bands, that don’t bring anythingnew  to the table, STP were around for a decade longer, and have a much more diverse catalog than Creed. We’re not sure that it’s necessary, but the band are certainly comfortable with swapping a well-known singer with another well-known singer. Our level of excitement for Stapp Temple Pilots is low, but there’s plenty of less discriminating rock fans that would be psyched to see this happen. The band might want to make sure he’s up for the job though. He has a bipolar disorder that led to some pretty bizarre behavior a few years back. And while he says he’s better now, they should probably vet him to make sure they don’t wind up with another unpredictable lead singer.


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