Fresh off the most successful debut of Las Vegas’s When We Were Young festival, it seems it’s time for metal fans to get the same treatment. While October’s festival focused mainly on mid-2000s emo-centric bands coming together in a star-studded affair, May 13th, 2023, will give rise to what has been dubbed as Sick New World. The lineup is a love letter to metal fans, particularly those of late 90’s to early 2000’s nu-metal favorites, taking place on the same grounds as When We Were Young.

Major acts, including Papa Roach, Deftones, and KoRn are set to headline the festival with a rare appearance by System of a Down at the top of the card. Other acts of the same ilk, including Sevendust, POD, Cold, and Orgy, join the lineup. Meanwhile, Kittie’s inclusion shows there’s more in store for the recently reunited band after their short spurt of shows, including When We Were Young, where they headlined the Stripes stage.

Even better, they’re not the only reunion in store as the rumors proved to be accurate as Lacey Sturm is set to take the stage with Flyleaf for the first time in a decade while Coal Chamber returns for the first time since 2015. In the latter’s case, Vocalist Dez Fafara kept his tweet about the event short, sweet, and to the point with “#coalchamber is back #thatisall.” Drummer Mikey Cox later posted a far more detailed statement detailing his leaving the band in 2015 to spend more time with his family and become sober. At the time, he notes, he had no intention of returning to the music scene but as the years went on and his children grew, so too did his desire to kickstart the band again.

The full roster includes over 50 bands with more highlights, including Ville Valo of HIM, Spiritbox, Skinny Puppy, and Cradle of Filth. Of course, the lineup isn’t without its question marks, such as Fever 333’s appearance. After guitarist Stephen Harrison and Drummer Aric Improta, collectively two-thirds of the three-piece band, quit, Vocalist Jason Aalon Butler promised a new lineup would debut live in the Spring of 2023. Who this new lineup will consist of and if the band meshes as well as the original is yet to be seen. There is no doubt that Sick New World will be fascinating, filled with more surprises, curiosities, and festival opportunities in the city of Sin.

With When We Were Young already announcing next year’s festival with Blink 182 and Green Day headlining, one can hope that both these festivals will become yearly traditions on the Vegas Strip. Tickets are set to go on sale this Friday (November 11th) at 10 AM PT. Ticket prices start at $249.99, with layaway options starting as low as $19.99. They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but we’re willing to bet this is another festival you’ll want to discuss for years to come.