Motley Crue’s Vince Neil faced a sudden interruption during his Saturday night (23rd) performance at the Oklahoma State Fair. The concert was halted as a shooting occurred in a nearby building.

Neil took to social media to recount the unsettling incident:

“At a concert in Oklahoma City Crazy night last night. 3/4 of the way thru the set people started running. We we’re told to get in dressing room. There were shooters shooting people. Thank you fans for your understanding.”


The incident unfolded just a few hundred feet from the Chickasaw Country Entertainment Stage, where Neil performed at the Bennett Event Center. Neil began his set at 8 PM, and about an hour later, attendees at the fair were sent scrambling as gunshots echoed through the area. The police described the Oklahoma State Fair shooting as an “isolated incident” that started as an argument between two men, escalating to one shooting the other in the chest at close range.

One person was reportedly injured in the shooting, and this victim is in critical condition. There’s been one arrest on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon who is currently in custody. Police have not yet released the suspect’s name. It’s been reported additional rounds were fired into the air as people fled the scene. Witnesses noted it was chaotic, with people fleeing and children distressed from hearing the gunshots. The Oklahoma State Fair strictly prohibits firearms on the fairgrounds, with security measures and detectors at entrances.