It turns out that one of the Nameless Ghouls of Sweden’s Ghost is not the biggest fan of religions. This comes as a big surprise from the band that intentionally planned a show based on where the Pope was visiting. Speaking to LoudTV, he was noted as stating:

“Obviously, it is a big problem. It’s a very contemporary problem. It’s a very, very big danger.”

“And, as much as we in the Western world feel like we are secularized – especially in Sweden, where we come from, it’s so secularized, to the point where being religious is almost like being a little bit dumb.

“But still – there seems to be a disconnect between the modern man and her well being, because of that loss. That is not to say… We are not telling anybody to believe anything special, but there seems to be a disregard towards the idea that there are a lot of things that we might believe that we don’t understand.

“People right now, and there has been a thing happening for the last hundred years… I mean, you remember the saying, ‘All the inventions have been invented.’ And even though most people laugh at that today, there is still a feeling of that we know everything, we have reached the zenith of our civilization, this is the best that we’re… we’re peaking.

“If there’s anything that I would like to, or we would like to, tell the little person is to have a higher acceptance towards the things that you do not know. The only thing that we can agree upon, at the end of the day, if you’re not talking to someone who’s f–king mentally disturbed, is that we don’t know.

“We can believe, and we can want to believe, but ‘This is gonna happen,’ or, ‘This is not gonna happen.’ … ‘When you die, this is gonna happen,’ or, ‘This is gonna happen,’ or, ‘That is gonna happen.’ We have no idea. There’s no one that can answer that question, especially not a bunch of Romans in 325.”

With the fresh face of Papa Emeritus III now fronting the band, the full use of their name, and two killer tracks already out to the public, the newest Ghost release Meliora dropping this August 21st is being set up to be their biggest and best yet.