More details of the new Ghost album have come out – hopefully. The last time information on a new album leaked out (like the Meliora album title, producer Klas Ahlund, mixer Andy Wallace), the Ghost camp sarcastically replied with, “We are apparently releasing an album soon. Can anyone please give us the title and the release date?”

Well, according to Metal Hammer, that cryptic TV teaser commercial we got tipped off to this week panned out: Ghost apparently does have a new album due out called Meliora, which is latin for “better”, and it will be out August 21st on Spinefarm Records (Loma Vista here in America). There’s even a reveal of the album artwork, too (below).

This new album will be the newest material from the band since If You Have Ghost, their 2013 covers EP.  Meliora will follow up Ghost’s 2013 studio album, Infestissumam, which debuted at #28 during its first week of release.