The last we heard from Ghost, they were wondering if you could tell them about their supposed forthcoming album. And while there’s nothing on their website or social media about it yet, a late night TV ad has begun running that confirms the album name. A Metal Insider reader emailed us some cell phone shot footage of a Ghost ad that aired in the wee hours on VH1 Classic during a showing of Caddyshack this morning.  In the ad, it’s mentioned that there’s a new Papa Emeritus, the Nameless Ghouls are getting new masks and the band have something up their sleeves for Philly in September.

“The clergy has been adjourned and the Nameless Ghouls have been summoned…,”a caption reads. It then cuts to a stern-looking woman leading a business meeting with the Ghouls, who, as always, aren’t seen. Over the seven years of the “Ghost project,” she says that two albums and two Papas has been respectable. But then she shifts gears, stating that because no churches have been opened, governments toppled, or world leaders converted to the cause, Papa II has been “let go” from his position. “He is a miserable, wounded and bitter old man,” she says. She then displays what looks to be the band’s third album, holds up a nameless ghoul’s new mask, and then introduces Papa Emeritus II’s “three months younger” brother, Papa Emeritus the 3rd. It cuts to a brief shot of the new Papa, as a bass-driven riff, presumably something from the forthcoming album, plays. Captions then read: “He Is Coming, Philadelphia, September 26″ before ending with ‘”Meliora” Coming Soon.’

What’s happening in Philly? Doesn’t look like the band has anything scheduled, at least just yet. It’s unclear as to where else the ad is running, but it might be worth keeping an eye out on late night TV until there’s some more context about this.

[Thanks Ken H. for the heads up!]

UPDATE: The ad has now been officially posted online, and can be seen below. However, it’s worth noting that the online version doesn’t include any mention of Philadelphia or September 26, which appeared at the end of the TV ad.