Gene Simmons is being sued for sexual assault

Posted by on December 18, 2017

Bad luck has been following Gene Simmons as of late. Oddly enough, this started to occur since he attempted to trademark the devil horns. The KISS bassist/frontman was recently accused by multiple women for sexual harassment, as well as being banned from Fox News for life due to his erratic behavior. He has since denied these accusations, claiming nothing happened as well as promising all that he’s not one of the bad guys.

Unfortunately, as of this past Friday (15th), a radio and television broadcaster, whose name remains unidentified, sued Simmons along with Rock & Brews Holdings, LLC, Rock & Brews Holdings, Inc., Rock & Brews, LLC., and Rock & Brews Franchising, LLC., for making unwarranted sexual advances during an on-camera interview that took place last month (Nov 1st). Additional allegations include sexual battery, gender violence, battery, and assault. The lawsuit identified her as a “long-time on-air personality for a local rock station.” The incident took place while “Jane Doe” was interviewing Simmons about his Rock & Brews restaurant.

The The San Bernardino Sun reported the following:

“According to the lawsuit, during the interview, which occurred on a couch in a designated “green room,” Simmons reached over and grabbed the woman’s hand and “forcefully placed it on his knee and held it on his knee.” The lawsuit states the woman immediately removed her hand from Simmons’ knee.

Simmons, the lawsuit states, continued his “unwanted, unwarranted sexual advances” by reaching for the woman’s hand again.

Defendant Simmons turned standard interview questions into sexual innuendos, which made plaintiff Doe extremely uncomfortable,” according to the lawsuit, noting that Simmons grabbed the woman’s hand again, made a cooing sound and said she “must use lotion” before making another sexual innuendo. He then “forcibly flicked/struck” the woman in the middle of her throat, then provided an “incoherent explanation” for doing it after noticing the woman’s shock, according to the lawsuit.”

The San Bernardino Sun also states that Doe’s attorney, Willie W. Williams, mentioned that his client felt humiliated by the incident, stating:

“My Client is embarrassed and humiliated by the incident with Mr.Simmons. She filed suit because she wanted to make a strong statement that this behavior is unacceptable and she wants to see an end to this type of behavior.”

Later, the report revealed that Simmons grabbed the plaintiff’s butt while taking photos for publicity, and Doe, “kept her composure and discreetly moved away.”

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