Elon Musk wants humans to keep up with A.I with new brain chip implants to replace headphones

Posted by on July 22, 2020


Elon Musk wants humans to keep up with artificial intelligence. On August 28th, his startup company Neuralink will announce a major update on some of these advancements. One invention involves humans to eventually be able to listen to music via a chip inserted into our brain (i.e., no headphones, no problem). Unlike other hearing implants such as the cochlear implant, this chip is planned to be implanted using a surgical robot to implant gossamer-thin wires into a person’s brain. According to TechCrunch, these wires could eventually have a wireless connection between the two. Our question to this possibility is, what happens when the batteries run out?


With all jokes aside, Musk appears confident with this new technology as a fan asked him via Twitter if people can listen to music directly through the chip:




The cochlear implant was invented around the sixties, which has caused controversy over the years to the deaf community. Our thoughts on Musk’s chip seems feasible if the cochlear implant can cater to amplify sound to the hearing impaired, imagine another chip to change frequencies to hear music, receive phone calls, the works. Our imagination with this can run wild, and let’s wait and see what Musk has to say on August 28th. In the meantime, we will stick to our headphones.

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