This robot drummer shreds without wires

Posted by on March 7, 2017

The concept of robots playing music isn’t a particularly new one. Compresserhead is an all-robot band that covers Pantera and Motorhead like it’s nobody’s business. Z-Machines is a bizarre, but cool Japanese project. More recently, we had a laugh with Captured! By Robots, a machine band with a human singer that gets treated like shit by his band in the “Endless Circle of Bullshit” video. However, according to Metal Injection and Scientific American, robot drummers don’t even need compressors and wires any more.

Using wireless signals to stick to it’s programmed rhythm, the industrial robot arm doesn’t need cables. Huawei Technoloties and KUKA showed off the Beat-Bot at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The thinking is that less cables and wires could mean less danger on a factory floor, paving the way for industrial robots to be used in factories. Or for Fear Factory’s next drummer.


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