Prepare for an apocalypse of beer-soaked intensity as Siphoned Shit’s debut album, Nuclear Winter, is set to detonate on July 29th via The Surface Collective. Today (6/29), the group has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere their new song, “Brain Death,” highlighting their relentless thrash and hardcore style. Formed in 2013 by former members of Falling Through The Center Of The Earth, Siphoned Shit invites all to embrace the inevitable chaos that lies ahead in their upcoming full-length effort, produced by Aristotle Gazetas and mastered by Michael Lievano. 


The band comments:

“We had been drinking in silence for years. We just hadn’t found an album that did justice to the nightly ragers we were having. Eventually we said “Fuck it, let’s make our own album.” So one night we all got together in a room with two cases of beer, a funnel and some recording equipment and came up with “Nuclear Winter”. Now we don’t drink in silence anymore and it’s way less awkward. If you enjoy shotgunning ice-cold Busch’s until your brain freezes to the point of shattering, moshing in your living room regardless of the fact that you don’t possibly have the financial resources to replace any of the furniture you broke, connecting multiple funnels together and creating a kind-of “beer funnel centipede” just to realize that it doesn’t really work and you just wasted 6 beers, or if you moderately enjoy general thrasher activities, this album is probably right up your alley.”


Listen to the song below:

Upcoming shows:

07/01 Hawthorne, NJ @ The Lakeshore Inn Bar

07/29 Rockaway, NJ @ Backroom Studios