Did Danzig and his security beat a fan for taking pictures?

Posted by on October 19, 2015

danzigbeatAnyone setting foot in a Danzig concert should know that he’s not a fan of having his picture taken. In fact, there are flyers up stating as such, and even TMZ has written about his propensity to freak out when having his picture taken. But that doesn’t mean that a show attendee should get assaulted by his security and Glenn himself. That’s what a fan alleged on his Facebook account. Here’s what the caption says:

So I went to Danzig last night. Including the 100 dollars I spent on his merch plus the tickets time of work and traveling to Montreal to see him this is the price you pay for taking a photo of Danzig. He called me up on stage got got his pussy security guards to rough me up and held me back me back so he could hit me himself. Cops can’t do fuck all because we’re both not Canadian and they did it off camera and said I fell .could all my friends please share this because I want the world to know what a pussy the guy is.superjoint fucking ruled tho.

We should mention that this is all alleged. Everything seems slightly suspect. Why would the fan go onstage after being summoned for taking a picture of Glenn? And where’s the pictures of him that he apparently took (he says he hasn’t checked to see if there are any). He initially says that he was called up onstage, but then clarifies that he got roughed up “out back.” Why would Canadian police refuse not to prosecute non-Canadians? That being said, if this really did occur, he should be prosecuted for it, and Glenn really needs to think he can stop people from taking pictures of him in 2015. We’ve reached out to Danzig’s publicist for comment and will update you if we hear back.

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