Glenn Danzig commands audience to punch fan

Posted by on October 14, 2013

danzigIn yet another despicable Danzig act, the singer has taken things a little too far with his diva-like behavior. Possibly forgetting he is now in the year 2013 as he went through his set, Glenn Danzig ordered audience members to punch another concertgoer for taking video of his performance Wednesday night at the Cuban Club in Ybor City. Watch the video below.

While the video-taker said he saw no signs indicating recording was not allowed, other YouTube posters said there were signs everywhere. Luckily, security got to the criminal videographer before loyal Danzig fans could and he was not punched, Gawker reports. The object of anger also indicated he saw the rest of the show and got back in to the concert.

YouTube poster filicid, who posted the video, commented that it was the first time he/she had seen Danzig and would be the last. Other comments included opinions on Danzig’s entitled behavior and how concert-goers wouldn’t even be going to see the show if it were not for Doyle being on tour with him.



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