Police say fan attacked security guard during Iron Maiden concert

Posted by on September 9, 2019

Sometimes there’s more than one side to a story. Such is the case with a recent Iron Maiden show at the Tacoma Dome.

On Friday (6), the Tacoma, Washington Police Department made a statement concerning an altercation that took place at the Tacoma Dome during Iron Maiden’s show Thursday night where a security guard punched a fan. The department told TMZ that an intoxicated 26-year-old male was causing problems for other fans trying to enjoy the show and refused to leave when asked. They said that the man punched the security guard first and security called police for back-up.

The venue backed up that story with marketing director Tammi Bryant telling KIRO-TV that staff received multiple complaints about “an overly aggressive individual who when addressed, physically attacked a security professional.” The fan was arrested for assaulting the security guards who tried to remove him.

Said Bryant:

“Safety is the number one priority at the Tacoma Dome with a focus on a positive experience for all.”

The story differs from the one being told by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, who stopped Thursday’s show to berate the venue’s security after seeing the fan getting “the shit kicked out him by 10 security guards,” including one who leaned over a barrier and punched “a kid half his size four times in the face.” From the stage he said that he hopes “that kid takes this building to the f****** cleaners,” and that if anyone has footage of the incident to bring it forward so they can help identify the guards who did it.

Footage of the incident has turned up, and it seems to corroborate with what the venue and police were reporting. Though distant, you can see an altercation take place around the 3:10 mark of the 11-minute video where it looks as if a swing from the audience is met with punches from a security guard.

As of right now, the fan has been cited and released. He has reportedly refused medical attention for a laceration sustained in the incident.

Iron Maiden are in the middle of the North American leg of their Legacy Of The Beast tour, which runs through October 15 in Santiago, Chile.


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