If the picture to the right looks like Glenn Danzig buying cat litter while wearing a Danzig shirt, that’s because that’s exactly what’s going on. I’m not sure of when this picture was taken or its origin, but it’s been floating around the internet for the past day or so. Glenn doesn’t seem too concerned about paparazzi, but then who knew that there would be paparazzi for Glenn Danzig? Probably not Glenn. I guess as long as you’re not a fat thug that steps to you, he won’t pay you any mind. This might be breaking some Misfits and Danzig’s fans hearts, but hey, it’s not like Henry Rollins is going to get it for him. I personally think it’s calming to see the Elvis of evil picking up some Fresh Step and being a person instead of a character, and can’t think of a better way to start a Friday.