nakedchurchdanzig_638It’s well known by now that Glenn Danzig isn’t a big fan of photographers, banning pictures at his shows. There’s no real way to stop cell phone pics from happening, but you’re tempting fate if you’re within reach of the Elvis of Evil and try to take his picture. Navid Farsi found out the hard way, not once, but twice, at Danzig’s Pomona show. A clip obtained by TMZ shows the singer casually taking a cell phone during the show and throwing it. That’s par for the course, and what any Danzig fan should probably know by now. However, Farsi took things one step further, approaching his tour bus and trying to film him. As you might guess, things don’t go that well for him, and he winds up in a headlock, with Danzig telling him he’s “being an asshole”

The thing is, we’re inclined to agree with Danzig for once. A few months ago, he was arrested for battery after throwing powdered sugar at Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine as he was leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live! Levine just walked away from it, proving Danzig is tougher than the singer of Maroon 5. And if you’re going to do stuff like this, you should be prepared to be arrested, or maybe to get your ass kicked by Danzig. The singer has a new album coming out soon. Farsi will probably be up to his old tricks soon, and seeing he runs the gamut from pop to metal, it’ll be interesting to see who he provokes next.