Danzig has shared some photos from the studio with guitarist Tommy Victor (of Prong) and drummer Johnny Kelly (of Type O Negative fame, who replaced Vinny Appice in Kill Devil Hill), officially kicking off the recording a new album, their first since 2010s ‘Deth Red Saboth.’

While originally slated for a fall of 2015 release, the release date is now, “tentatively scheduled for Late 2015 or Early 2016 release,” according to the band’s Facebook update.

Said Glenn Danzig in a 2014 interview with Examiner:

“I’m pretty lucky in that a long time ago I started my own label. So I can just put out stuff when I want as long as I have a good distributor and no one can kick me off my own label!” he says chuckling. “So I make sure that it sounds like what people expect Danzig to sound like and hopefully they’ll like the product when it comes out. That’s really all that I do.”

This release is different than the EP of Elvis covers, which is still coming out later this spring. Stay tuned for an interview with Tommy Victor where he talks about the status of the multiple Danzig albums as well as Prong’s forthcoming covers album.

(via LambGoat)