Glenn Danzig working on Elvis Presley covers EP

Posted by on August 18, 2014


Glenn Danzig has been known as the “Elvis of evil” for years, and now it looks like he’ll actually be acting on it. According to a post on his Facebook page, he’s working on an EP of covers of the King. Fittingly, he chose the anniversary of Elvis’ death to make the announcement. “So strange how things happen,” the post says.”Working in studio all this week on ‘Danzig sings Elvis’ EP & tonight is anniversary of day Elvis died.”

Danzig has tackled Elvis in the past, most notably via his cover of “Trouble,” which appearaed on Thrall: Demonsweatlive, and had been a leftover from the Danzig sessions. And he’s definitely got the swagger (and the hair) of Presley. It’s not that surprising that he finally embrace the Elvis-ness of his personality, and this could come out surprisingly well.


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