Carnivore reforms as Carnivore A.D., first show announced

Posted by on August 31, 2017

Clearly, nothing and no one can or will ever replace the late Peter Steele who died in April 2010. The singer/bassist is most recognized as the mastermind behind the gothic metal band Type O Negative. However, he founded the Brooklyn based crossover thrash act Carnivore.

Following the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Retaliation this past May at the Black N Blue Bowl pre-party, guitarist Marc Piovanetti announced the band’s reformation as Carnivore A.D along with original member Louie Beato and recruiting Joe Branciforte (ex-Merauder, ex-Darkside NYC) who will be sharing drumming duties. Baron Misuraca (ex-Vasaria) joined in as bassist/vocalist.

The band’s first show under the reformed name, Carnivore A.D, will be held on Halloween at the Bowery Electric. The event is rightfully named after the late Steele, A Halloween SteeleTacular. The group will continue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Retaliation and the event will include DJ and longtime friend of the band, Alex Kayne who will showcase a tribute to Steele. Other acts will include New Jersey’s Bloodfeast, the Black Sabbath tribute band Sabbra Cadabra, and more.

Piovanetti shared his statement:

“Last May, I was very fortunate to perform Carnivore music live again for the very first time in over twenty years. The jubilant and humbling reception I received confirmed to me that Peter Steele is gone, but his epic legacy is not forgotten. So this Halloween the two remaining original members of Carnivore, myself and Louie Beato, will open up the next chapter in the band’s ever evolving history. We will introduce the mighty Baron Misuraca, who’s stature and beastly growls have already awakened Peter Steele fans across the globe. A new official lineup of Carnivore will be introduced: Carnivore A.D., a Carnivore for the 21st century. Everyone is invited to join us in this celebration, and to mark the thirtieth anniversary of Carnivore’s final LP, ‘Retaliation’. I am also very pleased to have the honor of presenting this distinguished performance of Peter and Keith’s music to their own friends and family members here in the greatest city in the world, at New York’s Bowery Electric club. The ‘Carnivorous Negative family scene’ is finally whole once again, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

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