Babymetal to allegedly have three new members to fill in for third singer

Posted by on July 2, 2019

Babymetal recently dropped a new music video for “Pa Pa Ya!” and some might have noticed that the band had a new member. A user on Metal Injection commented that a group of three, coined as the “Avengers,” will be replacing former member Yuimetal, who previously left due to health concerns and to pursue her solo career.  Riho Sayashi and Kano Fujihira are two of the Avengers, the third has yet to be named.

The comment reads:

BABYMETAL revealed at the Yokohama Arena shows that they set up a group of 3 what they call “Avengers” that are going to fill in the third spot. Riho Sayashi is one, she was with SU-METAL at the performing arts school Hiroshima Actors School when they were kids.

Kano Fujihira is another one, she performed at the other Yokohama arena show with them last night(June 29). She is from Sakura Gakuin, the group that BABYMETAL spawned out of.

And the last one has not yet been revealed.

They have not said if this “Avengers” setup is permanent or just a temporary thing.

If you haven’t already, check out the new music video for “Pa Pa Ya!” here

[via Metal Injection]


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