Archspire win Juno Award for ‘Metal/Hard Rock Album of the Year’

Posted by on May 17, 2022


Archspire have won the Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) in the Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year category for their latest effort, 2021’s Bleed the Future via Season of Mist. 


The group expressed their excitement after the wrap of their tour:


What an incredible experience this tour has been. Without hyperbole, this was the best tour we have ever been a part of.

After 2 years of not touring, we traveled 10,000+ miles, to play for 13,000+ people, over the course of 30 shows, 19 of which were SOLD OUT! If you came to a show, picked up a t shirt, or supported us in any way during this run, we want to say from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!

And, of course the tour would be nothing without our amazing support bands, Entheos, Inferi, and Vulvodynia. All three bands crushed it every night, we couldn’t ask for a better package of bands with which to tour.

And, to top off everything else, we ended the tour in Vancouver to a sold out show, where we found out we won “Best Heavy Album” at the 2022 Juno Awards! This is an incredible achievement for a band as extreme as we are, and it’s not something we ever thought possible. We want to extend the utmost respect and admiration for all of the fellow nominees in our category.

Please keep showing our music to your friends, blasting Archspire in your car, and wearing our merch. Every bit counts, and with every new fan we gain, we grow the entire genre as a whole.

Thank you for this amazing experience.








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