The Black Dahlia Murder kicked off 2013 by confirming that fans will get to hear their new album, Everblack, in June. Now, not only do we know when exactly the album will come out, but we also get to hear our first taste of new music.

The album’s first single “Into The Everblack” has made its way online and can be heard below. Along with a new song, the band also revealed the cover artwork created by artist Nick Keller (as seen above). In a nut shell, here’s what we think about both the new song and cover:

1. The song has some brutal riffs and new drummer Alan Cassidy definitely proves himself to be a worthy replacement of Shannon Lucas.

2. Holy shit, the artwork for Everblack is damn awesome!

Everblack officially comes out in North America on June 11 via Metal Blade Records (just in time for their stint on the Warped Tour), while pre-order bundles are available online. Check out for “Into The Everblack” for yourself in the video clip below.

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