Phil Anselmo, actor Bill Moseley get weird with “Bad Donut”

Posted by on January 11, 2017

Last year, for obvious reasons, we didn’t hear much from Phil Anselmo. He popped up towards the end of the year with Scour and Superjoint, and now the first song from yet another project, Bill and Phil, has surfaced. The “Phil” in the title refers to Bill Moseley, and actor you might recognize from House of 1000 Corpses. The duo’s EP, Songs of Darkness & Despair, will be released on Anselmo’s Housecore Records next Friday (20), and today Loudwire premiered a track, “Bad Donut,”  from the EP.

As you might be able to tell from the song title, “Bad Donut” is, well, eccentric. If you’re a fan of Gibby Haynes’ ranting in Ministry’s “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” or Henry Rollins’ delivery in “Liar,” chances are you’ll like this song. Moseley’s spoken word performance initially wasn’t mean to be spoken by him, but Anselmo suggested he do it:

“All the songs have a different vibe because I wanted the music to represent Bill’s lyrical vision, and we needed to, because Bill does indeed have a unique, visual element within his choice of words and phrasing,” Anselmo says. “I love Bill Moseley, and can’t wait to work on the next one! Be cool and enjoy this one!”

The rest of the project consists of Superjoint guitarist and drummer Kevin Bond and “Jose “Blue” Gonzalez, respectively, and King Parrot bassist Squizzy Squires.



Songs of Darkness & Despair will be released on January 20th on Housecore Records and can be preordered here.

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