Philip Anselmo Releases Series Of Vocal Ringtones

Posted by on April 6, 2012

Have you ever listened to a Pantera or Down record and thought to yourself “Gee, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could have Philip Anselmo screaming random things as my ringtone?” Apparently, someone had that exact thought, since Anselmo released several ringtones for fans’ cell phones.

“Grab one of my new ‘Craptastic’ ringtones and be the first one on your block to be full of it!,” the singer himself said. While audio samples have not made their way online yet, each ringtone is now available for purchase. Apparently, they range from bizarre to “badass.” And looking at the titles of each ringtone, which can be seen after the jump, that may indeed be true.

So do you want Anselmo’s iconic voice to notify you when someone is calling? To download the ringtones, just text the keywords to 69937 and your ringtone will be sent to your phone [charges apply per ringtone]. The keywords and titles of each ringtone can be seen after the jump. Personally, we’re tempted to download a ringtone or two just to hear Anselmo scream “Ding Dong” and “I’ll Keep Calling.” Well, we would be, but we just remembered it’s not 2006.


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Ring

Keyword: Phil1


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Ring Inhale

Keyword: Phil2


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Ding Dong

Keyword: Phil3


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Bbbbbb

Keyword: Phil4


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Pick Up The Phone

Keyword: Phil5


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: There’s Someone Calling

Keyword: Phil6


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Answer

Keyword: Phil7


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: Whaaoo

Keyword: Phil8


Artist: Phil Anselmo

Title: I’ll Keep Calling

Keyword: Phil9

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