Swamp metal alert! Have you heard the latest track from Kalmah? “Haunted by Guilt” is out now! These Finnish swamp metal giants are back, and if you haven’t yet, it’s time to immerse yourself in their unique sound, embracing the darkness Kalmah has to offer. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album, which is expected to arrive later this spring.


The group commented:

“’Haunted by Guilt’ was the very first song written for the upcoming album. The opening riff needed a long time to shape out, but immediately after the twisted melody took physical form, the perfect match was ready. All in all, the song has some new vibe for Kalmah, yet the typical sound of pure swamp metal is of course strongly present. And that, my friends, means no digital-over-polished-shit but real amps and raw playing. Interpretation of the message of the song is left for the listeners to decide. We hope you’ll enjoy.” 


Listen to the track below: