Ghostemane side-project releases new black metal EP

Posted by on May 29, 2020

Source: https://www.facebook.com/ghostemaneofficial/


Metal-influenced rapper Ghostemane has released another black metal EP. His side project Baader-Meinhof released its self-titled three-song EP on Soundcloud May 22 through his Blackmage label.

The music on ‘Baader-Meinhoff’ is eclectic and unsettling, jumping from finger-picked acoustic guitar to craggly dark noise and guttural vocals within the span of one four-minute song. Revolver compares the sound to that of Darkthrone.

Such a comparison is noteworthy, as he considers Darkthrone an influence. He told Revolver back in 2019, “You probably know some of my heroes, they’re not hard to find. They’re the architects, the nomads that paved the path for people like me who see the plastic mask of polite society and want to rip it off and expose what’s really underneath. Nine Inch Nails. Slipknot. Gesaffelstein. Front 242. Outkast. Three 6 Mafia. Darkthrone. Hivemind. Korn.”

Ghostemane, credited as Eric Ghoste (though his real name is Eric Whitney), plays all of the instruments on the EP, as well as produced it.

This is the artist’s third EP under the Baader-Meinhof name. He previously released EP in 2016 and Evil Beneath a Veil of Justice in 2019.

Ghostemane is currently working on a new rap album, ANTI-ICON, set for release some time in 2020. His last full-length album, N / O / I / S / E, was released in 2018.


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