Exclusive Album Stream: Winter Nights – ‘Winter Nights’

Posted by on July 29, 2020


Brooklyn melodic death metal outfit, Winter Nights, who’s no stranger to the New York audience as they’ve shared the stage with numerous artists including, Kalmah, Ne Obliviscaris, Insomnium, Belphegor and many more. The group has been working tirelessly and effortlessly on their follow-up to 2014’s An Endless Apocalypse as their self-titled album will finally be released this Friday (31st). The record was recorded between 2015 and 2018 at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn, NY. The band is comprised of brothers Jeremy (vocals/guitar) and Efrain Farfan (guitar/back up vocals), as well as Martin Tune (bass). On this album, the drums were recorded by Andrew Lobosco and Manolo Estrada. Today (29th), the group has teamed up with Metal Insider to stream their latest offering in full. 


The band commented:

“We once again offer something different than our previous work. We hope you can relate to the feeling of dread & remembrance in one way or another. So sit back, pour a strong one & enjoy the journey”   


Listen to the album below and pre-order the record here



Track By Track explained by the band:


01) “When December Burns”

The idea of being taken over by an emotion, an entity if you will, disconnecting from society. making it up to a tall hill with a tree. only to set ablaze to it all. watch the world burn with everything in it.


02) “Starved for Energy”

When a living person, pet, or organism passes on. energy is taken away from this universe. the more things that die around you, the more energy taken away. this song is about searching for that lost energy


03) “Withdrawals”

All roads lead to a choice. life goes on whether the darkness takes you over or not. This one is about disconnecting from life.


04) “Unmarked Grave”

After everything has died around you, the world has nothing left to offer. all that is asked is to be buried in an unmarked grave.


05) “Day The Sun Died”

As we are winter driven, we are always at war with the sun, it provides heat. we ask for endless winters.


6) “Encounters”

There’s an unknown entity driving things to die, whether by their own hand or not. These are the forces behind all the destruction and death, the endless apocalypse starts and ends with these unknown sources. 





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