Black Tusk work hard while God’s On Vacation

Posted by on November 18, 2015

There is no doubt Savannah’s Black Tusk are an unstoppable machine when it comes to hard work. It’s been a year since the passing of their bassist Jonathan Athon and, while most would’ve taken some time to mourn, the band kept going with their plans and completed their scheduled European tour with Black Label Society where guitarist Andrew Fidler broke his foot. A few months after, they still announced a headlining tour across North America which just happened a few months back, so overall, you get the idea.

If you thought that they were going to slow down after such a busy year, you’re wrong as the band just announced the release of their upcoming album titled Pillars of Ash, set to be released on January 29th via Relapse Records and to prove their point that there’s no rest for the wicked, they released a song cleverly titled “God’s on Vacation.”

Pillars of Ash features Athon’s the last recording with the band and is the last testament of the late bassist’s intensity and dedication to his music. Check out the track and blast it as loud as you can, because there’s no other way to listen to the Tusk.


Black Tusk Pillars of Ashes

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