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Posted by on November 18, 2016


It has been quite a journey leading into what many refer to today, November 18th as Metallica Day. The long eight-year wait is now over and the tenth studio album Hardwired…To Self-Destruct has officially arrived. Many had managed to attend their local record store at midnight to purchase the Vinyl or CD, while most likely a digital copy was waiting for them in their email. However, the fun and excitement is not even over yet as I can guarantee you there are several jealous Metallica heads out there determined and anxiously waiting to buy a ticket to see them perform in Oakland, CA on December 17th.

As the adrenaline is still with many, where I’m sure the weekend will be filled with quite a few listening parties as it is a long-awaited celebration. I can tell you; it was well worth the wait and the album is one of the best that we have heard in years.

Moving forward, as the videos have been up for over a day now, I have managed to look at each of them again to decide which ones are the top five music videos from Hardwired…To Self-Destruct.

5)  “Confusion”  

Listening to this song on the album itself could at first seem like one of the weaker tracks. However, after I saw the video, you will have a different perspective. It visualizes PTSD after returning from war, where daily tasks such as going into work, one can get “confused’ as any sound, visual can remind a veteran from their time on the battlefield.


4) “Here Comes Revenge”

When I first looked at this video, I had no idea what I was watching. At one point I thought, “is this some bizarre tribute to ‘The Four Horsemen?’” As the video continued, the story unfolds where you realize these animated Hyenas are seeking revenge on “the husband” who has wrongfully killed each and every one of his “wives.” The animation moves with such subtlety along with the placement of the lighting and emotion through the eyes that help reveal the story.


3) “Lords of Summer”

Part of me would place this music video at number one, but there is a great reason why it is in spot three. “Lords of Summer” is the bonus track off of the album. I don’t think there was a better way for Metallica to conclude their videos with one devoted to their live performances and fans. Many fans would travel across the world, country, and empty their bank accounts just to see Metallica perform. While watching this video it has brought tears of joy to my eyes remembering all the times I have seen them live thus far and wanting to see them again, and again.


2) “ManUNkind”  

The video for “ManUNkind” is pure genius. It turns Metallica into a black metal band, and it is hysterical hearing James’ voice through corpse paint. There is an incredible amount of detail that you have to watch it a few times including the kid with the film camera in the pit that I am still laughing at.  

1) “Murder One”

My jaw dropped looking at this video that perfectly paid tribute to the late Lemmy. It was out of pure honesty, and the visuals helped the song make a bit more sense. At first hearing it from the album, I thought it fell a bit flat and did not reach many expectations. However, seeing the video and hearing it after at least five more times, it will sink in as one of the finest tributes.

Bonus: The Weakest Video:  “Spit Out The Bone”    

“Spit Out The Bone” could be considered as the best song off of Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, and maybe the best Metallica song since 1988’s …And Justice For All. It’s fast, heavy, and would make anyone jump out of their seat and say “what the hell happened? How did they still have this in them?!” With that said, I’m sure many have stayed up until 4 am to see the video premiere and expected nothing but greatness. After a few quick flashy toxic images, the video moves into a Megadeth Dystopia style mixed with classic War of the Worlds and cheesy looking graphic effects. I guess you can say; we expected more from them with this song.  

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