Metallica Planning to Make a Video for Every Song on ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’

Posted by on November 2, 2016


We are reaching the two-week mark for Metallica to release the long anticipated tenth studio album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, a near decade (eight years) follow-up from 2008’s Death Magnetic. It appears that Metallica is well aware that fans have been running out of patience, and are curious as to what the new material sounds like. A few have already compared “Hardwired” to songs from the Kill ‘Em All days to reminding them of tracks from Death Magnetic. However, the last few months alone we have received a handful of surprises including Halloween’s special treat hearing “Atlas, Rise!” Recently Straitstimes conducted an interview with co-founder Lars Ulrich about the upcoming release, and he revealed the possibility of making a music video for every track on the album. Now this is nearly unheard of, and a dream come true for many Metallica fans, as the album includes two discs and eighty minutes of material. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens since they have already shown us videos for “Hardwired,” “Moth into Flame,” and “Atlas, Rise!”

Ulrich discussed the changes in the music industry:

 “Twenty to 30 years ago, there was a right way and wrong way to do things, but now it’s just what suits you the best because it’s a whole new game out there.” Ulrich made his comparison as he explained, “It’s almost like the music business is the Wild West now; you kind of roll the dice and hope it all works out the best way possible.”

Shortly after the comparison is where he hinted at this possibility, saying “Now that YouTube is the world’s biggest television station, we figured we may as well knock a video out for every song (on the new album).” My personal favorite part of this interview, which you can read it in its entirety here was when Ulrich honestly expressed what Hardwired….To Self Destruct is about, “I don’t know if it’s the return to anything specific other than it’s just the next album in our musical journey.”

Additionally, Ulrich mentioned how much they enjoy using social media as they recently announced on their page a new So What! A story about the process behind making this album which Metallica clubbers only can read here.

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