Round up the usual suspects like the Flying Caliente Brothers, Clifton Collins Jr. from Westworld, and Jacob Vargas from Sons Of Anarchy, and you’ve got the new music video for the Puscifer’s “Money Shot,” the title track from the upcoming album which is due out October 30th (pre-order here).

Said Keenan of the sweaty and bewildering video:

“Tossing out a few more cryptic Luchador flavored bread crumbs with this one. Confused? Don’t tweak your noodle. As with all of Puscifer’s and Billy D’s journeys, linear has no place here. Just embrace the chaos and enjoy the ride.”

The video is quite similar to 2014’s “Toma!” (below) which is from Puscifer’s 2011 album, Conditions Of My Parole. It’s not similar to their previous music video for “Grand Canyon,” though, which came out in July. Either way, Puscifer will hit the road starting on  November 1st and will go until mid-December.



(via Entertainment Weekly)