People = nixed; fire officials put kibosh on Slipknot’s burning camel poop

Posted by on October 15, 2014

Every now and then, TMZ gets a metal exclusive about something. They’ve done it again, and it’s going to be hard to break it to all the Knotfest fans that were looking forward to the smell of burning camel shit wafting through the air. According to the site, county fire officials have denied Slipknot the opportunity to fill 55 gallon drums with camel crap and oil and set them ablaze for three days. The reason they denied the band isn’t because of the camel shit, but the burning oil. Apparently, burning oil is illegal in California.  According to TMZ, they said that in addition, the “odor of flaming feces could be considered a public nuisance,” which sounds pretty obvious. A Knotfest rep says that the band are looking for alternate means to get the odor around the fest. Maybe a scratch and sniff card?

At any rate, regardless of the smell, the Knotfest, taking place next weekend, is still a pretty insane metal happening. And we just so happen to have a pair of tickets to give away to the fest. So go now and enter the contest. You’ve got one day!

[photo via TMZ]

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