Any guitarist worth their salt knows who Marty Friedman is. While most metal fans might remember him as the guitarist of Megadeth throughout the ’90s when the band were at their commercial peak, he was an extremely well-known shredder via his ’80’s output with Jason Becker in Cacophony before that. Interestingly enough, when he left Megadeth, he moved to Tokyo, where he became a well-known TV personality. While he’s continued to release music for the past decade plus, he’s signed with Prosthetic to release Inferno, his first American solo album in years. Inferno is a diverse album that smokes as much as its album title. Not only is there a one-song reunion with Becker, but he’s joined by vocalists for a few songs, including Revocation’s Dave Davidson, for songs like the one above. “Sociopaths” is a heavy song, especially if you’re only used to Friedman’s solo stuff, but has a pretty infectious chorus. Of course, shit goes off in the solo, and it’s a great reintroduction/introduction to Inferno.

Inferno is released on May 27th on Prosthetic Records and can  be ordered here.