Godsmack are running at ‘1000hp’

Posted by on June 10, 2014


Godsmack are one of those bands that occupy the middle ground between rock and metal. They’re metal enough to play Ozzfest and tour with Metallica, and their drummer Shannon Larkin used to play in amazingly underrated thrash band Wrathchild America. Yet for all of that, they’re really just an active rock band, tailor made to be played between Guns N’ Roses and Three Days Grace and be the soundtrack for Navy commercials. And while the band came close to breaking up after their last album, 2010’s Oracle, they’ve persevered and will release their sixth album, 1000hp, later this year.

Yesterday, Godsmack released the title track from the album to radio. As far as Godsmack songs go, it’s an upbeat and relatively heavy one. It’s exactly the kind of song that will dominate at rock radio once again, and might just give Godsmack their fourth consecutive album to debut at #1 on Billboard‘s charts. They’re one of the few bands that are able to take four years between albums and still not alienate their still surprisingly large fan base. We’ll be listening to the album later today at an event in New York and will bring you our thoughts on it. The band are rumored to be headlining the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Tour, and we’ll find out if that’s the case soon enough.


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