Godsmack almost broke up, says frontman

Posted by on June 2, 2014


Godsmack has a new album coming out this summer titled 1000hp (that stands for horsepower, not hit points, for the record) and it will be the band’s sixth studio album. However, the album apparently almost didn’t happen according to frontman Sully Erna, who says that the band got into not a good place after the finished touring for their previous album The Oracle:

“You know, it was getting rough, you know, I’m not gonna lie — the band was getting into a funky place and there was talks about breaking up and, you know, not really staying a band anymore. But you know, I think it was just some time we needed, some time to really reassess the thing and really appreciate what we have as a band. We’ve always been kind of level-headed about things and eventually we just needed to let a little time pass and let the dust settle.”

Erna assures fans the album is a good one despite how crappy everyone apparently felt beforehand:

“…a little bit more raw, a little bit more open. The writing was a little freer. The production is really kind of raw and in your face, and the songs, man — I’m really, really excited about these songs. And I have to tell you honestly, I wasn’t that excited about writing this record at first.”

There’s no release date yet, but the band is rumored to be taking part in the Rockstar Uproar festival and Erna hinted at August tour dates, so it’ll likely be around then.



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