Fit For An Autopsy are absolutely releasing an album in October

Posted by on July 9, 2015

It looks like October 2nd is shaping up to a be a pretty awesome release week. Just earlier today, we were informed about Clutch’s forthcoming album, Psychic Warfare, which was produced by Machine. Now Fit For an Autopsy, whose guitarist Will Putney was Machine’s protege, will be releasing their new album, Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell, on the same day. Today, the band announced that, as well as delivered a short taste of the album through a brief (and disturbingly #NSFW) teaser video.

In the trailer, graphic war footage airs as a country song that Shazam tells us is Josh Turner’s “Everything is Fine” plays. The music slows down, then a snippet of a Fit For an Autopsy song comes in. It’s jarring, heavy, and, well, pretty awesome. Putney, who also produced the album, calls it “more than just a half hour of blast-beats and breakdowns,” and explains it as such:

fter listening to more music, and expanding our palette, we realized we are capable of making a more interesting metal record. We saw lots of bands doing the same thing over and over. We thought, ‘We can expand on all of this in a way that is unique to us,’ so we approached the new album with that mentality, to break the mold of what we saw and heard, and to go outside of the limits of our genre.”.

We’re ready. Absolute Hope Absolute Hell will be released on October 2nd on Good Fight/eOne.

Fit For An Autopsy – Absolute Hope Absolute Hell – Releasing October 2nd, 2015 via eOne Music / Good Fight Music from Fit For An Autopsy on Vimeo.

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