With the release of their debut album still a bit over three weeks away, new forces have joined the ranks of Los Angeles-based band and motorcycle enthusiasts Attika7.

Leading man Evan Seinfeld (former Biohazard) and famed motorcycle builder Rusty Coones announced that they are being joined by guitarist Zach Broderick (formerly with Nonpoint), drummer Tommy Holt (formerly with UPO), and bassist Scott Reeder, who is possibly the most interesting addition in the light of recent events revolving his former band Kyuss:

Back in March, Reeder and Josh Homme (Ex-Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age) had filed a lawsuit against their former bandmates, but it seemed liked Homme might have been more of a driving force behind the legal proceedings.

It definitely feels like Attika7 is allowing Reeder the fresh start he might have needed, and his new band brothers are welcoming all three of them with open arms, as Seinfeld describes it in their statement:

Both Rusty and I feel extremely privileged to have found such killer guys and accomplished musicians to be members of Attika7.

We can’t wait to get out on the road and blow away audiences with our unique brand of melodic heavy metal.

We have been enjoying working on the live show with Scott, Tommy and Zach.

The album has been getting a lot of positive reviews so far, but I know that the real work begins now.

The bass tracks on the album were recorded by Tony Campos (Static-X), Devin Lebsack played the drums for the recordings, however, both were unable to commit to the band full time. Seinfeld concludes their decision to go with Scott, Tommy and Zach for the foreseeable future:

It was super-important to us to find band members that were not only masters of their instruments but REAL team players and guys who were willing to make the commitment to dedicating themselves to the hard work it takes to break a new band nowadays. These guys are seasoned veterans who all believe in ‘Blood Of My Enemies’ and are all hungry to go out and destroy!

Attika7 recently performed on Discovery Channel’s motorcycle show ‘The Devil’s Ride’, but hopefully we’ll get to see performances of their new and improved lineup soon. Their debut album “Blood Of My Enemies’ will be released on July 31 via Rocket Science Ventures.

[via Blabbermouth]