Yep, Ghost are replacing Papa Emeritus II

Posted by on May 29, 2014

Ghost surprised a few people in between their debut Opus Eponymous and their sophomore album, Infestissumam, by replacing singer Papa Emeritus with Papa Emeritus II. Never mind that the voice sounded the same, and the main difference was the color of the singer’s robes. Regardless, Metal Hammer caught up with one of the Nameless Ghouls at Sonisphere, who stated that they’re looking for a new singer. He called Papa Emeritus II is a “real asshole” and said they are “looking for someone with a different approach to things. He still has to be an entertainer, but we’re narrowing down the contenders.”

They are also working on the follow up to Infestissumam, and are due back in the studio this fall. The Ghoul noted that they’re considering a collaboration with Conchita, which means nothing if you’re American. The bearded drag act was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest this year, a prize that has previously gone to acts including Abba and Lordi. The collaboration could be another of the cover songs the band has done over their career. “Expect some more obscure covers-obviously that’s become part of our schtick. We’ve decided which ones already, too.” He later joked, “Perhaps something collaborative with Conchita Wurst might be interesting. It’s not like you’d notice her beard, being cloaked and all!”
The Finnish edition of Sonisphere took place yesterday in Helsinki and featured Ghost, Slayer, Danzig, and Metallica who played “The Frayed ends of Sanity” from their album “…And Justice for All” for the first time in 26 years.

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