It’s been almost two years since Gus G. officially became Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist, and about a year since his first album with Ozzy, Scream, came out. And even though the two appeared on Ozzfest together last Summer, Gus hadn’t met his predecessor Zakk Wylde…until now.

The two met for the first time on June 13 when Black Label Society opened for Ozzy in Oberhausen, Germany. Gus himself tweeted the picture up top of his first meeting with Wylde, as well as the following blurb:

“Finally got to meet the legendary @ZakkWyldeBLS !!! So awesome hanging out with you & the BLS family!!”

Gus also tweeted a picture of him and BLS guitarist Nick Catanese meeting for the first time. Zakk and Gus have had nothing but nice things to say about one another. Gus even told us last year that he had expected to bump into Wylde at Ozzfest. So it’s more surprising that it’s taken them as long as it has to finally meet.