Both Santa and Satan Love Ozzy

It’s been two years since Ozzfest was a touring entity, and while it’s been shortened to only six dates this year, it’s still one of the bigger festival tours. For metal fans in the Northeast, Chicago, and L.A., it was a trek worth making as the Fest made its return with Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Halford, Devildriver and Black Label Society among others. While many feel that the returning festival is lacking in many ways, it’s still Ozzfest!! So, Bram and Zach got on their sleeveless Iron Maiden shirts (sorry Sharon) and headed to the Ozzfest stop at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ yesterday.

Not only did we keep our pact that we wouldn’t get our bodies painted or flash for beads, but we also took notes. Rather than give a long, boring review though, we decided to share a few highlights from the day of rain, sweat, beer and metal.

– Probably the biggest disappointment for everyone was that Black Label Society’s second stage headlining appearance was cancelled at the last minute due to a tornado warning. Apparently some of the band’s equipment got damaged due to the extreme rain fall and wind. Sure, there’s all kinds of logistics involved, but wouldn’t it have made sense to let BLS play the main stage? With no offense to Nonpoint, they don’t have the #4 album in the country or a former Ozzy guitarist in their ranks.

– Aside from cancelling BLS’ set, the weather seemed to be offering a running commentary on Ozzfest. It was slightly ironic as the skies really opened up shortly after Drowning Pool began playing, but it was just awesome to see a rainbow appear right as Halford took the stage.

– Speaking of Halford, he’s a god of metal, and still on top of his game, but it wouldn’t have killed him to bust out a less obscure Judas Priest song or two.  In addition to songs from his solo career, he did Fight’s “Nailed to the Gun” in addition to Priests’ Rocka Rolla’s “Never Satisfied” and Turbo-era b-side “Heart of a Lion.”

– After being forced to miss their set in Hartford, CT, Goatwhore returned to Ozzfest for an awesome show, which also saw the band receive a flash from an eager female fan. Not to say that they don’t get their fair share of women, but I have to imagine this might have been a first for them.

– The crowd may have been a tad smaller in the early morning, but the fans that did come early seemed to enjoy Skeletonwitch. Though how can you not enjoy black/thrash metal at noon?!

– This may be shocking for all of you to hear, but Motley Crue had NO girls onstage during their entire set. And you know what, I didn’t mind. Sure, some bikini girls that Vince Neil most likely poked a few times would’ve been fun, but the Crue actually pulled off a good show without the theatrics.

– I’ve seen Ozzy solo now a few times, but I always forget that he sprays the audience with a mysterious white liquid. It was funny for me to watch since I was all the way in the back, but sucks for the people who paid a crap load to sit up close. The new band sounded great as they blazed through a set of  Ozzy and Sabbath tracks that didn’t include “Killer of Giants,” but did include “Shot in the Dark,” another song from The Ultimate Sin.

– You know that the audience is…not a pretty sight to see when it’s raining and girls are wearing body paint and the only thing you can think is “Oh God no!!!!” instead of “Oh  God yes!!!!” Man, boobs just aren’t the same as when you were fourteen. And aren’t the same for the painted women when they’re 45.

– The crowd seemed excited for Ozzfest’s return, even with the pouring rain, but the audience appeared to be lighter in numbers compared to past years. Though we have no knowing of how big the actual attendance was, the venue was offering $20 ticket upgrades to anyone located on the lawn throughout the entire day. The rain likely kept a lot of would-be concertgoers home.

– A group of Christians hung around outside the gates and spoke the “word of God” to save the sinners from going to hell by attending Ozzfest. Come on religious groups, what makes you think that I’ll rip up my ticket in the name of God after dropping just under a hundred bucks to go to the show? And if going to Ozzfest was a sure way to send me to hell, then I’m already screwed!

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