As you know, Mike Patton loves to keep himself busy with various projects, including a few film scores. So it wasn’t a complete shock when one of his other bands Tomahawk, also featuring ex-The Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison and Battles/ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier, revealed via Facebook last November that a new album was on the way. At the time, though, it was unclear as to who might replace bassist Kevin Rutmanis (who left the band during the recording of 2007’s Anonymous).

That’s why we’re surprised that we didn’t discover former Mr. Bungle/Fantomas bassist Trevor Dunn’s post until now. In a lengthy letter posted on his official website back in January, Dunn revealed that he is now a member of Tomahawk, saying the following:

“Upon arriving home from that tour, after licking my wounds, I need to dig into learning music for the new Tomahawk record. And yes, it seems as though I’m joining yet another band. This will probably make the fifth band with which Mike Patton and I have shared the stage. Duane Denison and I have been speculating about playing some music together for a while. So, Nashville, here I come.”

Tomahawk’s Facebook page further confirms that Dunn is indeed a member of the group. This is rather exciting news, especially for Mr. Bungle fans, as it finds Patton and Dunn once again working on material together. But when exactly will we hear new music from Tomahawk? Well, according to a Facebook post made last week, we should “Look for something coming your way this Record Store Day 2012.” What exactly we should keep an eye out for on Record Store Day is unclear, but we for one are excited to find out.

[via The PRP]