It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks for Marilyn Manson. Just before Heaven Upside Down was released, a prop fell on him and broke his fibula, forcing him to cancel tour dates. Several days ago, his onetime guitarist Scott Putesky died. In between those two happenings, his longtime bassist Jeordie White, aka Twiggy Ramirez, was accused of rape by his then-girlfriend, Jack Off Jill vocalist Jessicka Adams. Manson, currently on the mend, issued a statement at the time that he wasn’t aware of the allegations at the time, but that he supported Adams. Earlier tonight, he announced that he’s fired White from the band. 

This proves that Manson is taking the allegations very seriously. White was the longest-tenured musician in the band, having joined the band in 1993, the year before their debut album Portrait of an American Family was released. He’d pretty much been with Manson for almost the entire time, with the exception of a stint from 2002-2008 when Tim Skold was in the band and he played with A Perfect Circle. He’s kept a low profile since the rape allegations came out, and hasn’t made any public statements. There’s no word on who Manson’s replacement will be, and it will be interesting to see if Adams’ revelation and Manson’s reaction has any repercussions throughout the rock and metal world.