It’s pretty ironic that every time Ghost puts out a new album, they “replace” lead singer Papa Emeritus. Why’s that? Well, it’s obvious that the vocalist remains the same, yet the “Nameless Ghouls,” cloaked in anonymity, have been changing all along. It’s been enough that our April Fool’s Day joke from a few years ago that Dave Grohl was a Nameless Ghoul was taken seriously by many. Then a few years later, Grohl said he actually had performed with them before. 

In a new interview with German website, a guitarist with the band says that the anonymity may be a problem, and says there have been ten different members in its ranks. Here’s how Google translated it: 

This is actually a problem with this project. For many musicians this is not satisfactory. That is why we had many changes. Ten in the meantime. On the other hand, one can get out of one’s own artist’s role and look a little more objectively. You never see yourself as the others see you. And you always see only how you want to be. This is a problem for many.

When asked if the lineup changes over time would change the sound of the band, the member says that it’s fixed, adding “Ghost is like a play. If you see Faust, you do not expect the text to be changed.” A little over a week ago, Martin Persner said that he had been a member of Ghost. It’s interesting that he’s the first to break the silence, especially given that there are nine others that have similar stories. The band’s next album, Drenched in Death, should be coming later this year. 

[via Metal Sucks]