ghost-grohlOn April 1st, 2013, we ran a story about Dave Grohl being one of “nameless ghouls” in Ghost after the drummer said that he’d played drums on the band’s cover of Abba’s “I’m a Marionette.” We gave a pretty ridiculous quote that we figured would make it obvious that this was an April Fool’s joke and even linked to a Rick Astley/Nirvana mashup to drive the joke home. Funny thing is, it still was repeated as fact by quite a few people. And according to an article in Rolling Stone, it might have been prophetic. One of the Ghouls (the lead guitarist), was interviewed by the magazine, and said the following:

When asked whether it is true that, as has been rumored, Dave Grohl has in the past donned a cloak and performed with Ghost onstage, Nameless Ghoul responds: “Well, we can’t really know, can we? I can tell you this much: He has played Ghost material in a ghoul suit. And he might or might have not have [performed onstage], and he might or might not in the future.” He laughs. “How’s that for a commercial cliffhanger?”

So if you though the last time you saw Ghost, the drumming sounded even more rock solid than normal, you know why. And the next time you see Ghost onstage, you’ll have no way of knowing whether or not the drummer is Grohl. Well, unless it’s in the next few weeks and he’s playing on a throne, anyway.