misfits shirt

Nowadays, some people have this mindset that if a person is wearing some sort of apparel featuring a band, TV show, movie, or video game, their worthiness of being able to wear said apparel can be called into question for, well, pretty much any reason. In this case, Luke Hemmings, the vocalist of a young Australian pop punk band called 5 Seconds of Summer, donned a Misfits t-shirt for the band’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards. So, of course, people reacted like it was the greatest travesty on Earth. Metal Injection gathered a few reactions from Twitter:





Look, the Misfits logo isn’t something that was discovered by the mainstream yesterday. You can walk into any Hot Topic and pick up a t-shirt with the logo on it, hence the whole Glenn Danzig suing Jerry Only thing. Hell, you can even buy a shirt at Walmart dirt cheap. Plus, most if not all of the people posting these tweets were either unborn or shitting diapers by the time Glenn Danzig left Misfits, so it’s not like they were fans of the band back when they were just starting out. So, how long till another pop star wears a metal t-shirt for the internet to freak out about?