Tool are selling blankets now

Posted by on February 20, 2015

Are you getting tired of waiting for Tool to put out a new album already? Well, if you are, you can pick up your very own Tool blanket,as the band is selling a limited amount of them. Following in the footsteps of Deafheaven, the band has them on sale for a not particularly cheap $156. It doesn’t say how large the blanket is, but judging from the picture, it’s large enough to fit at least one attractive woman. Here’s the description:

Blanket made from recycled Tool shirts. Hand-sewn to soft, comfortable fleece. Comfortable enough for home use, durable enough for festivals. Very limited quantity and availability.

It does look pretty comfortable, and if you were doing to sew your own Tool shirts to a fleece blanket, it would probably cost as much. And since there are probably a lot of Tool fans looking to spend money on something, they could do worse than this.

You can pick up your blanket here.


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