toolblanketThere’s no set release date for a Tool album, and with Maynard James Keenan putting out another Puscifer album later this year, there’s no reason to think we’ll get it anytime soon. But while you can’t envelop yourself in the tribal, proggy sounds of Tool anytime soon, you can wrap yourself up in a nice $199 Tool blanket. This isn’t the first time they’ve made blankets out of recycled Tool shirts. In fact, when they did it earlier this year, the blanket was only $156. There’s no reason given as to the price increase, but paying almost $46 and 2 more for a Tool blanket is a small price to pay for supporting the band while we wait for the next album.

Unlike last time, there are three designs to choose from this time. And $199 is a hell of a lot to pay for a blanket, if you were to buy five Tool shirts at a show, it would cost about the same, and you wouldn’t get a blanket out of it. The 75″ x 75″ blanket is enough to fit two normal sized people, and is 100% less pink than Deafheaven’s Sunbather blanket.

If you need a physical manifestation of your favorite band that hasn’t put out an album in nine years, you can pick up the limited edition blankets here.