Still have some holiday shopping left to do? Well, the first thing you should buy is one of our new shirts. But once you’re done that, and you want to piss off the metal purist closest to you, a Deafheaven Sunbather blanket is now available. The $85 blanket, which is 50″ x 50″, was designed by Nick Steinhardt of Touche Amore, who also designed Sunbather‘s album cover. While the blankets are limited to only 50 made and manufactured, what better way to up your hipster metal cred than by enveloping yourself in a comfortable blanket while enveloping yourself in the sounds of the album it inspired? Actually, it’s a really nice design, but wouldn’t it make more sense as a beach towel than a blanket? Just sayin’. Steinhardt has also several sets of 18′ x 24″ prints he designed for the band.

You can pick up both the blanket and the prints here. Deafheaven are working on a new album that may be out next year.

[via theprp]